I've found myself functioning at a very basic and low level during the past couple of months. It's not atypical for a post-tour malaise to overtake me, but this one has lasted long enough to be especially noteworthy. It coincides with my involuntary removal from the valuable social media outlet Facebook, but that has actually been a source of tremendous relief for me, as I'd been growing more and more agitated by that cesspit as the days went by, and while it has impacted my capability to reach a wider field of contacts, I'm otherwise quite satisfied to be without it.

I have comrades who will help me carry on a presence on Facebook, aiding with the promotion of forthcoming events, and in spite of my psychic struggles, there is a lot of very encouraging activity to report, which will be shared some days from now in greater detail.

Meantime, this site will serve as the central information hub for Theologian and Annihilvs activities in the foreseeable future.

I look forward to pressing onward.

Several orders have been left to sit while I have struggled with my lack of enthusiasm and motivation in daily life, and for that I do most ardently apologise. I will be doing my best to get mailorder back on track this coming weekend. I just received the new Theologian shirts and am submitting the final payment for them tomorrow. They look great, I'm looking forward to seeing them on people.

There's lots of news to come, please stay tuned. 

Thank you for your continued interest in my activities.